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What is Bitcoin: simple to the complex

  The article is designed to explain what Bitcoin and what principles of his work. It is intended for beginners, so if you already know about Bitcoin, it's super reliable cryptocurrency etc. -.. You can safely go to collect free Bitcoins without reading. For those who want to learn what is Bitcoin and how the money of the future look like -. I recommend reading Bitcoin byd coined in 2009 by some anonymous calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto. He is the father of this brilliant invention, and named after him in the lowest part of the Bitcoin 0.00000001, named Satoshi (satoshi).

To is available to explain what Bitcoin - imagine totally, comprehensively protected gold coin that could instantly move to any point on the globe. This Bitcoin-coin can not be forged, can not duplicate or deny at any level, it is possible to pay at any time. In addition, Bitcoin does not have the wear and tear, which is typical for all conventional coins. The number of Bitcoins is limited - all of them can be issued 21 million. Today, no country in the world can not devalue or print them. This is the concept of Bitcoin - it must be the money belonging to you that are not fake and that you can pay instantly with anyone anywhere in the world where there is Internet.

A lot of people who know what is Bitcoin, is already in full use Bitcoins earnings as a direct means of existence. Bitcoin is a lot to get where, playing games or doing simple tasks. Many people pick up on that income, comparable to the pay of a qualified specialist work. Especially zealous for these purposes Bitcoin cranes - place, handing the precious coin for free.
At its core, Bitcoin - a valuable resource to be used as currency. Bitcoin is often mistakenly compared with the euro or the dollar, but the people who know what is Bitcoin, rather liken its properties to gold or silver. This is because the properties of Bitcoin extremely similar to those of precious metals: a limited amount, the gradual depletion of resources and the unique qualities that affect the cost. This is only a brief overview of what Bitcoin, but the most easy to understand technical unshod users.

Extraction Bitcoins cryptographically linked to their structure. Back in 2009, when Satoshi genius just kriptovalyutny implement your project to life, get them to be with a conventional ordinary computer processor. Today, when everyone knows that the Bitcoin is that it is reliable and bystyro - they can only be obtained by using expensive equipment to be connected to a process called "mining" (English-mining -. Production). Such equipment is not cheap, so easy for inexperienced people to play Bitcoin game to get the cherished kriptodengi. If you do decide to ask about production processes and take advantage of it - check out our section of the cloud of mining , you will find many ways to make money.

  The best way to understand Bitcoin - is to try it he borrowed. Sign a Bitcoin wallet . It is the repository of your Bitcoin, through it all payment transactions are made ​​and charges. It is hard to assess the integrity and the level of adaptability of this invention, but after a few test transactions you can understand that cryptocurrency proved to be a great step of mankind forward and close time to a completely new level of use of money and concepts that represent a cash and non-cash means. Understanding what is Bitcoin and how to use it, opens up new prospects. Take advantage :)